I follow 1st Indonesia Bead Swap

It's been amazing new experience to join the 1st Indonesian Beads Swap held by Manik Jawa (one of java beads online shop from Kediri East Java). The party just begun and I feel soo exciting.. of course then I meet new friend who become my Beads Swap Partner.

The rules are, exchange various beads with my partner; take photo of the beads I get from my partner and what I give her; then post in on the group "Indonesia Beads Lover" on 9 February 2013.

My partner is mbak Diah Anggreni, she's from Bekasi (lucky me to get someone in quite near location with me). We'll be good friends then.. I guess.. and I will make an appointment to meet her in person, one day..

Here are some beads I sent her last week, I give blurry effect on the photo cause they have to be a surprise to the other participants until 9 February 2013.
my beads for mbak Diah Anggreni
... and here are beads from my partner, all of them are very beautiful. I guess I have to think so hard to make something special from them ;)

beads from my partner

Well, I can't wait till I able to see all participant's beads.. I bet all of them are very beautiful and everyone will make beautiful piece of craft from them..

See you on 9 February 2013, for the next story of Indonesia Beads Swap..

it's about passion & creativity