Beads Swap Creation - Part I

Hello there...
I come back with my recent updates about my beads swap activity..

I just made two creations using the beads from my partner mbak Diah Anggreni   (www.pernik-manik.blogspot.com). 

First is a two-sides pendant, using 3 colors of copper wire, dark brown, brown, and copper color, and I put tiger eye stone as a complement to the focal bead, it's a heart shape lamp-work glass bead.

I call this one, Tiger's Heart

Second is a medium necklace, simply string them with monell wire, add few metal spacer and combine them with chain. This necklace's main component consists of one big stone pendant, oval Gudo beads - (i don't know how to name them), and small Gudo beads size 4mm.

I name this one, Keep the Faith

I must think harder to make another creation from the rest of the beads..
However, it's such an exciting new experience for me, joining Beads Swap event, meet new friends - very talented crafters from different region in Indonesia.. and of course not to forget the way we "chit-chat" almost everyday up to midnight.. never get bored..

Beads Swap Reveal

I rather late when I promise to post about Indonesia Beads Swap reveal on 9th February. It’s because I’m too much excited on following this event.

In fact, the reveal day was already on 3rd February. I have to show all beads that I get from my partner and also show my partner’s beads. It was posted on Facebook Group “Indonesia Bead Lovers”.

Let me show you my beads, not really good picture I took, but I think it’s clear enough to see. Here are the lists :
1. Gudo Glass Beads; 2. Resin Beads; 3. White coral Beads; 4. Glass Beads (don’t know where they come from); 5. Czech Beads; 6. Stone beads; 7. Gudo Beads; 8. Acrylic Spacer; 9. Metal Spacer & Caps (mixed); 10 & 11. Resin Beads; 12. Gudo Beads (again);  13. Stone Beads (forgot the name); 14. Stone pendant (I guess, agate); 15. Ceramic Pendant; 16. Wood & resin cute pendant (composed by me); 17.White Shell Pendant.

And these are what I get from my partner,

I made special photo from them, and they all look very beautiful and shine.. I just can’t stop looking at them every day, or touch them while wondering what should I made.. :)

I will show my first creation on my next posting. 

See you there..

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